One tool, many benefits

MYCO offers you different ways to create clarity across the board. For more motivation and less frustration at work.

MYCO Chart

With MYCO Chart you can clearly display all employees of your company in an organization chart - and much more. Keep the overview.

MYCO Chart Aufbau Organigramm

Structure organization chart

Rigid structures often restrict you - this is also the case when it comes to setting up an organizational chart. With MYCO Chart you remain flexible.

  • Can be added to and changed at any time
  • Employees can be added at any time
  • Detailed information such as head and deputy regulation can be taken from the organization chart
MYCO Chart Darstellung und Ansichten

Display views

Depending on what is relevant for you at the moment, you can change the display of the interactive MYCO Chart Organigram. Discover the many possibilities!

  • Display options are individually adjustable
  • Can be displayed both vertically and horizontally
  • Any number of views can be assigned to specific groups of people
MYCO Chart Detailansicht Mitarbeiter

Detail view employee

With just one click, you get detailed information about each individual employee. This means that no further research is required to contact the right person.

  • Overview of all important contact details
  • Individual coloring of the business cards
  • Building and room information of the respective person

MYCO KnowHow

Know-how is one of the most important resources in any company. With the MYCO KnowHow management tool, important knowledge is no longer lost - and can also always be found exactly where it is relevant.

MYCO KnowHow Übersicht

All the know-how about the job

Manage policies, explainer videos or other important documents safely and easily thanks to our tool.

  • Freely customizable menu
  • Structure individually customizable to the company
  • Integrated writing program allows creation of documents directly in the tool
MYCO KnowHow Speicherung der Dokumente

Storage of documents at a central point

Manage policies, explainer videos or other important documents safely and easily thanks to our tool.

  • Use of all common file formats
  • Any number of documents can be assigned to different posts with one click
  • Any document size can be saved
MYCO Chart revisionssichere Archivierung

Audit-proof archiving and version control

An organization's processes, policies, and employee structures are dynamic. Manage your documents without losing important information.

  • Old versions are stored in an audit-proof manner
  • Overview: Who changed what and when?
  • Old versions can be reactivated with just one click

MYCO EasySearch

With MYCO's search function, you can easily search by various parameters: For example, by departments, posts, policies and documents, as well as by employees.

MYCO EasySearch Suche Dokumente

Documents search function

Are you looking for an important document and can't remember where you filed it? Or do you need an overview of the posts and policies of a certain department? MYCO EasySearch provides you with an overview easily.

  • Search by keyword or rubric
  • Sorting by documents in rubrics
  • Direct link to the respective document
MYCO EasySearch Suche Mitarbeiter

Employee search function

You need a list of all employees in a certain department? Wondering who is responsible for a certain task in your company? With MYCO EasySearch you will find what you are looking for.

  • Search by keyword or post
  • Search by rubric
  • Employees can be archived and reactivated at any time
  • List view of all birthdays