Together a good team

MYCO is more than just software. With our services, collaboration in your company reaches a new level.

MYCO Services Einrichten der Software

Setting up the software

Our staff will be happy to help you set up the software. We attach great importance to simple user guidance: after only a short introduction, you will notice how quickly you get to know the software in order to be able to work with it independently.

On-site training

Especially for companies with more than 10 employees, it has proven to be efficient to provide all employees with a short briefing on how to use the software. The better an employee knows his tools, the faster he can work with them and thus achieve a valuable result for all. We are also happy to provide training online.

MYCO HR Software Führungskräftecoaching

Consulting and optimization

Our goal is to optimize the workflow of our customers. Therefore, we are not only interested in the ease of use of our software, but also in what exactly you want to implement with the tools. We can help you develop an organizational chart that is tailored exactly to your needs. A clear organizational structure not only leads to more clarity and more effective cooperation within the company - it also takes the pressure off managers and increases the motivation of all employees. Of course, your customers will also notice this. Let our professionals help you - contact us.